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What are Nutritional Therapies?

Without question, the foods you eat cause changes in your body’s internal chemistry, altering levels of blood sugar, electrolytes, cholesterol, triglycerides, vitamins, minerals and more. Foods can provoke either a profound positive effect or a negative effect, depending on your choices.

The Nutritional Therapies at South Point Acupuncture are the therapeutic use of foods and food plans to treat a medical condition and assist the body in achieving better health.

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What is the best diet for me?

Modern research has shown that certain diets and eating habits may cause or benefit a variety of diseases. At South Point Acupuncture, individualized diet programs are prescribed for the specific need of the patient. This is very important as every patient reacts different to a certain diet.

A gluten-free diet is an example of a dietary change that you must maintain to remain healthy. People with a gluten intolerance must avoid gluten-containing foods to prevent damage to their intestines. The diabetic diet is a very common therapeutic diet involving limiting high-sugar foods to help control blood sugar levels. Other therapeutic diets limit nutrients such as salt, to control blood pressure, or saturated fat, to manage cholesterol. Depending on the patient, we might also suggest a Blood Type Diet, a Vegetarian Diet or a Vegan Diet. These types of diets take some effort getting used to. We will work with you to gradually make the changes necessary.

If you are planning to loose weight, we offer a nutritional weight loss program. It is a hormone balancing medical weight loss protocol designed to reset your metabolism and give your body the opportunity to establish a lower set-point weight. We provide you with the necessary homeopathic remedies and monitor you during the program.

The cornerstone of any method of healing is the individualized diet . . . nutrition will bring you health, energy and well-being.

~ Dr. James D’Adamo, Naturopathic Doctor (1932 – 2013)

What can I expect from my nutritional therapies at South Point Acupuncture?

Nutritional Therapy is a core principle at South Point Acupuncture and we believe in the old saying, ‘You are what you eat’.
At your first visit, we will create a customized food list just for you that takes into account all aspects of your health and which of your organ systems we want to improve (thyroid, liver, central nervous system, immune system, adrenal glands etc.).
This list is a general guide to which foods would be healthiest for you and which would be least healthy.
Nutritional Therapy at South Point Natural Therapies in Surrey