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What is applied kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a form of diagnosis using muscle testing as a primary feedback mechanism to examine how a person’s body is functioning. When properly applied, the outcome of an AK diagnosis will determine the best form of therapy for the patient. This technique uses the triad of health – chemical, emotional and structural factors – to describe the proper balance of the major health categories.

Since AK draws together the core elements of many complementary therapies, it provides an interdisciplinary integrated approach to health care.

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Applied Kinesiology

Who developed Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology was developed in the 1960s by a chiropractor named Dr. George Goodheart whose observations of patients with back problems refuted the long-held belief that muscle spasms were the primary cause of back pain. Through careful observation and treatment, Dr. Goodheart realized that pain is related to a number of factors in the body including the blood vascular system, the lymphatic system, the nervous system, the meridian system, and cerebrospinal fluid flow.

He discovered that proper diagnosis of any patient must take into account all these systems. Dr. Goodheart found that muscle weakness was often correlated with organ dysfunction and that strengthening dysfunctional muscles could assist in the alleviation of many health conditions.

Dr. Goodheart started to teach his methods to other chiropractors and health practitioners in what would soon be called Applied Kinesiology. In 1973, the International College of Applied Kinesiology was founded and is now well-established in the US, Europe, Canada, Japan, Russia, and Australia.

“The body heals itself in a sure, sensible, practical, reasonable, observable, predictable manner. The healer within can be approached from without.”

~ Dr. George Goodheart (1918 – 2008), American Chiropractor and Founder of Applied Kinesiology

What can I expect from my applied Kinesiology treatments at South Point Acupuncture?

Our evaluation process begins with a detailed questioning of the patient to uncover clues as to what may be going on. Generally, problems can be related to chemical imbalances, structural imbalances or mental stress or any combination of the above. After this general examination procedures are used to assess the health of the patient. After these tests an evaluation of the strength of the muscles with Applied Kinesiology is performed.

There are many causes of muscular weakness and different procedures may be used to uncover the cause. At the end of all of these different but important parts, the information is correlated to establish a treatment program.