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What our patients have to say


For the past 8 years, I have been on a journey of improved health with the support of the team at South Point Acupuncture. They have the experience, knowledge and a passion to find a solution for every patient. I look forward to each appointment as an exciting learning experience. The staff and other practitioners all provide excellent care and support.

Donna M.

Surrey, BC

For 10 years, the team at South Point Acupuncture has helped our family tremendously with various health problems. From fixing our sons hip flexor or wrist injury from hockey, aligning my daughters neck after a fall from the horse thus healing her migraine, to problems in my back, shoulder or knees. I would highly recommend South Point Acupuncture.

Rolf S.

Surrey, BC


Every spring I start a detox and weight loss program with South Point Acupuncture. Over the years they always supported my special natural weight maintenance program with regular checkups and different supplementations. The outcome is always fabulous. I am toxin free and lost weight.”

Anke S.

South Surrey, BC

A very informative and interactive visit. The how and why of the acupuncture treatment was explained and the assessment was very thorough. I’ll definitively be returning.”

Renee S.

Delta, BC


Excellent! As a health care professional myself, I cannot say enough good things! Very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. Immediately helped my issues. I am definitely going back.

Katherine Z.

Langley, BC