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This is your life - Live it well
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who are we?

Natural medicine goes beyond diagnosing a single symptom and focuses on treating the whole person. Whether you suffer from years of chronic pain, or have minor health concerns, your South Point Acupuncture team will work with you to help you reach your health goals. We will encourage you to become an active partner in your health care, making decisions about treatments and lifestyle changes that are right for you.

While South Point Acupuncture has successfully utilized traditional strategies, it is the interventional techniques that have established a unique reputation in the community and surrounding areas. We believe Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology are the tools of choice for application of interventional medicine. 






our vision

In this busy world and hectic lifestyle our bodies are stretched to the limit both physically and mentally. We strive to make each individual be the optimum health in order to function in this rat race. In other words, everyone should be in the driver seat of their lives since ‘This is your life, live it well’.

our responsibility

As a team, we are committed to helping you feel better and experience a higher quality of life. This may require looking deeper into the root cause of why you have this health condition. This process can be an amazing path of discovery and we look forward to working with you.

our patients

Our patients experience an individual treatment protocol because we cater of treatment specifically for each individual. So the experience you will have would be unique in order to fit your needs and circumstances. There is no cookie-cutter treatment for you and each treatment will be specifically designed for you.

Our Clinic’s Community Support

A culture of giving back has been a core value of South Point Acupuncture since our inception, and aligns well with our patient-centered vision. Our clinic carefully selects community or charitable projects to support each year.

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